Grand Medical

Alongside healthcare professionals since 2022

Grand Medical offers you a complete range of equipment and accessories dedicated to neurologists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation doctors, ENT, sleep specialists…

Exclusive distributor of Neurosoft products in Israel, Grand Medical is the result of 30 years of experience in neurophysiology materials and equipment.

ISO 9001 certified , our services include customer support from installation to training in the use of our devices, in addition to an available and responsive after-sales service.


4 Ranges of technological solutions dedicated to professionals in the medical field

EMG devices

A variety of EMG devices and/or evoked potentials...

EEG devices

A complete range of EEG, PE, aEEG, holter...

TMS & rTMS devices

A complete range ofTMS & rTMS devices

News & Innovations

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Neuro MSX

TMS & rTMS devices


EMG devices

Neuron Spectrum 65

EEG devices

Neuro MS/D Advanced Therapeutic

TMS & rTMS devices

Neuron Spectrum 4/EPM

EEG devices

Neuro IOM 32/S

IOM devices

Neuro MS Monophasic

TMS & rTMS devices


Audiology devices